Hi and Welcome!

My name is Raquel Sounders. I am a father of 3, 8 English Mastiff studs and 5 whimsical horses. I live on a ranch in the country side where my passion is breathing country fresh air, raising gorgeous, giant English Mastiff dogs, and shooting freelance and Photography.
I have always lived on a farm and I feel it is the best place to be. Not only to live in the place where I find my heart beats its best but also the place to experience the beauty of another sunrise and the wonder of new life being born on the farm. ​

My story begins from a young age where a deep love for animals sprouted in me and later became a way of life. I am an animal lover at heart, went to college and received my veterinarian technician degree. Go Bison! From there, I married the love of my life, Heidi, and we moved onto our first farm house 6 years later. Life was thriving and full. The sound of baby calves every spring. The sprouting of crops popping up all over the fields. The hard work and sweat of tending the gardens and lawns. Long summer nights and finally the rewards of the fall harvest. Also, watching my kids grow up as the farm would cycle again. Each season had its own beauty and each season was fulfilling.

Life had its hills and we were on the hill. Unfortunately, the valleys would surface in the Spring of 2015 when terminal illness shed its darkness upon our family and my Mom passed away from lung cancer. The following year came, and again when you think you can only fall so low and then my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer . The Lord took her home the following summer. At this point, my heart was shattered and broken. How do you pick up the pieces?​

Even though death tore a hole in my heart and left me without the woman unto which I had built a life with, I still have hope. Hope to know that another day will pass and that I still have the purpose of being here. Hope to know, I have a God up in heaven who cares for me deeply. Hope to know that I can have faith in Him and He will take care of me. Hope to know that life is still worth living and doing what you can to touch another person’s life for the good.​

EnglishMastiff4u. is born out of this vision to keep the faith and to seek out the beautiful in life. When life throws you darkness, I choose to be light. Living on the ranch, and raising these puppies continues to let my heart beat again. To see new life enter the world. To nurture, to care for, to never take life for granted, and to now grant other families to take part in this adventure. Our English Mastiff puppies are provided only the utmost care for a fresh and thriving start on the farm. My hope is for you to meet and take home your new, best companion from my deep country roots to whatever life story you come from. I long to be a blessing to you!