The English Mastiff Puppies are relatively large dogs with a friendly nature. The dog has a big head in proportion to its body. The standard weight of a mastiff is around 150 pounds. Some of these large dogs can weigh up to 300 pounds! Its body hair is short and comes in only a few colors. Mastiffs always have a black facial mask. These are the most notable features that set the dog apart from other breeds. It is a desirable companion to have.

English Mastiff For Sale

Mastiffs have characteristics that are different from a lot of other breeds. To better care for a mastiff, you should know about their:


English mastiff puppies are very friendly towards their owners. The breed is known to be docile. They quickly develop a sense of duty and loyalty towards their owners. Mastiffs enjoy the company of kids as much as the kids have fun with them.

With that said, mastiffs originate from a breed of fighters, known as the Dogs of Roman Britain. They still retain the fighting spirit of their ancestors and defend the ones they love. Mastiffs are not the friendliest towards other dogs or strangers. But with more exposure, these dogs learn to remain calm in every environment.

Environmental and Exercise Needs

You can keep a mastiff indoors, albeit having to remain mindful of a few factors. Mastiffs have a large body and need their space. They also drool quite a bit. They do not necessarily shed a lot but do leave hair where they stay or walk.

English mastiffs are energetic dogs and require daily exercise. You should take the dog on a walk every day, or it will become restless and vent it in ways such as barking. But, be mindful of the dog’s interactive nature. It is in your best interest to keep the dog on a leash outdoors.

Health and Eating Habits

Mastiffs are a generally healthy breed of dogs. But they are at a risk of hip dysplasia, which is a genetic disorder among mastiffs due to carelessness in their breeding. As such, you need to be mindful of the dog’s environment.

English mastiffs can also have stomach issues if given too much to eat or starved too long. The best way to feed them is with small amounts of food at moderate intervals. Doing so ensures the dog grows healthy.

Training and Adaptation

Since English mastiffs are naturally docile, they are easy to be around and train. But that does not mean mastiffs are fast learners. You need to be patient with them when teaching some methods or habits. Mastiffs have a habit of chasing other animals. As such, it is necessary to teach them a few things, such as outdoor behavior.

Although English mastiffs do not give trouble if living indoors, their best environment is a small outdoor patch with proper fencing. They are not suited to warm weather and fare a lot better in colder conditions.

Life Expectancy

The English mastiff lives up to seven years of age on average. But with proper grooming and a suitable living environment, they can grow up to 10-11 years of age.

Conclusions on English Mastiff Puppies

With any breed of dogs, it is best to know of their habits and needs before owning one. Such is the case for English mastiffs as well. With this knowledge, as long as you properly train and feed your dog, you will have a companion for many years to come. Take a look to our English Mastiffs!

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