The English Mastiff has a relatively large stature and a friendly nature. The dog has a big head to go with the size of its body. The average weight of a grown-up mastiff is around 150 pounds, and some of these large dogs can go up to 300 pounds! As one of the biggest dog breeds around, these dogs have different eating habits and requirements, as well. They need a diet that will support their entire body.

It is necessary to know the eating habits and food preferences of English mastiffs, especially during their early growth periods.

Health and Eating Habits

English mastiffs are a naturally healthy breed of dogs. But they also have a few inherent health issues. One is the development of stomach issues if they are given too much to eat at once or starved for a lengthy period. The best feeding method for them is with small amounts of food spaced at moderate intervals throughout the day. The diet is as important as the feeding time to ensure the dog grows healthy.

English mastiffs are also at the risk of hip dysplasia, which is a genetic disorder among mastiffs due to carelessness in their breeding. Due to their big bodies, there is a lot of constant pressure on their lower parts. To prevent this, the dog needs a healthy everyday routine.

Appropriate Foods for English Mastiffs

The three essential components of your English mastiff's food are fat, proteins, and carbohydrates. The dog needs a specific amount of each to grow healthy.

The greatest need for these dogs is proteins. It is the source of their muscles and helps develop their bodies. English mastiffs rely on drinking a lot of water in the day as well. There is also a need for some fat content in the food to convert to energy. But you must limit this fat so that your dog does not develop obesity. Mastiffs have a high rate of growth at an early age and are susceptible to getting fat. The least of a mastiff's requirement is carbohydrates and fibers. They naturally produce a healthy amount of nutrients for their bodies and do not need much of it from an external source.

The best foods for English mastiffs are different forms of dry meat, such as fish and chicken. They are rich in protein and very low on carbs. It is the perfect combination in a single food for these dogs. You can also add some fish oil to the diet for an increase in fat content. You should provide this food to your dog in small amounts throughout the day to avoid bloating and other stomach problems.

English mastiffs are allergic to certain food items. The things to avoid feeding your dog are chocolate and dairy products. Your mastiff may also have an allergic reaction to specific foods. Consider the advice of a vet in case your dog suddenly develops stomach issues.

If you wish to feed your mastiff with dog food, you need to pay attention to the ingredients of the food before buying it. A healthy proportion of components in the dog food is a net 20-30% proteins, 12-16% fat, and 4-6% fiber.


English mastiffs are a generally healthy breed of dogs. They have a high growth rate and room for development. But this also means you need to control this growth with a healthy diet plan. Otherwise, you will find yourself making a lot of visits to the vet.

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